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The cost depends on the industry and the number of employees. You can use our calculator to recieve datailed cost.

All we need to do it is 5 steps:
1. Presentation – 1 hour
Our representative gives the general information of Prengi and its services.
2. Signing the contract – 1 week
Documentation of decisions formed in accordance with the client’s request.
3. Formation of project documentation – from 1 week to 1 month
Information gathering, consulting services, business process analysis, personnel training. Terms depends on industry and company size.
4. System implementation, industrial and experimental operation – about 2 months
Verification of all processes of 1-2 facilities, considering the collection and organization of data by the client.
5. System transfer and support activation – 1 week
Training and support of personnel, summarizing the results of the project.

Yes, moreover, after software implementation you have 2-month trial period. The verification of all processes of 1-2 facilities, training and support of personnel is conducted.

– Whole documentation on the facility (object’s passport)
– Business processes of the company
– Personnel database
– Availability and characteristics of equipment (inventory data)
– Documentation on fire security

Every process could have some challenges, but we can assure you, that we will help you during every phase of our cooperation: information and documentation gathering, business-processes settings, personnel organization, optimization, testing etc. As we already have 12 years of expertise in this field, basing on our past experiences we will explain which processes can take additional resources or cause problems and we solve them promptly.

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